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Dino Corvino

A lot of people out there throw around social media expert, thought leader, community something or other, and really that all rings interesting, and false. Dino on the other hand is probably all of those things. He tells people that he is a content creator, and he creates a lot of content. Whether it be through his day job, his contract work, or just writing and writing and writing. At the heart of it though, Dino has something to say that is tied directly and inextricably back to his vision of COMMUNITY. In 2015 that vision of community is driven on the same road as technology, data, and message.
He started his life as a poet, and somehow ended up here.

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Eric Sorensen

In 2014, Eric was reborn — professionally. Admittedly, Eric spent far too many years working in an industry that balances on its last page and it was time to shift direction.
So, he took the logical next step and transitioned into software development and consulting. The software industry is a juggernaut of advanced progress, but it is still in its infancy, and it has seemingly endless avenues to travel as it grows and matures. Eric wanted to be a part of that future. He is shaping that future.
He started his life as a would-be DJ and somehow ended up here.

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